[UPDATE] CAM2 2019 - the smartest 3D measurement software

May 23, 2019

Today, May 23, 2019, we have announced the release of FARO® CAM2 2019 Software.

CAM2 2019 is designed to enable users of FARO metrology hardware products to realize the highest level of measurement performance across the automotive, aerospace, machine tools, metal fabrication and a variety of manufacturing industries.

Dive into the details

After the well-received launch of CAM2 2018, we raised the bar with greater ease-of-use, interactivity, flexibility and targeted, actionable intelligence with CAM2 2019.

Enhanced usability & efficiency

In addition to tight integration with FARO metrology products that enables a seamless user experience, CAM2 2019 extends the narrative for high-value interactivity and usability, with greater functionalities with our some of our latest releases, such as the VantageS6 and VantageE6 Laser Trackers featuring 6 Degrees of Freedom (6DoF) via the 6Probe, and our products such as the FAROBlu® and PRIZM™ Laser Line Probe.

Smart guidance

With standard software instructions, or routines, that automatically guide users through operations -- visually and audibly -- CAM2 2019 reduces technical expertise requirements, shortens workflows and allows users to focus directly on results.

Actionable intelligence through statistical process control (SPC)

CAM2 2019 has evolved the Repeat Part Management (RPM) Control Center to include delivery of statistically-based graphs and results for trend analysis and predictive alerts -- not only highlighting the measurement target trending beyond tolerance, but also providing advanced insight into the process and why the situation occurred -- for true actionable intelligence.

Metrology-grade meshing

CAM2 mesh generation capabilities produce visually-appealing and metrology-grade STL files that can be trusted when measuring to a golden part.

Click to explore all that the latest about CAM2 2019 and access a free trial of the software today!


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