April 11, 2018

Platform for Integrated Experience, Intuitive Workflow and Insightful Reporting

FARO® CAM2® 2019 is the world’s smartest 3D measurement platform. Designed with the user in mind, it offers the best integrated FARO hardware experience and ensures that any operator can scan quickly and easily accomplish their measurement tasks for capturing actionable data through its intuitive user interface and image-guided, automated measurement workflows.

CAM2 delivers the perfect alignment between your FARO hardware and FARO software to gather measurement data. It  provides a seamless and manageable measurement experience along with accurate and full insight into your measurement results. 

CAM2 features the Repeat Part Management (RPM) feature that helps manufacturers continuously improve their processes by providing live trend and Statistical Process Control (SPC) analysis that is vital to understanding what is working or not in their plants. Metrology-grade meshing is also included.

The CAM2 platform’s focus on faster, easier and better immediately translates into less time and resources, as well as, lower costs for your business.

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