Jackson Jonson Enterprise builds custom services using the FaroArm

August 2, 2010

“Jackson Jonson Enterprise was started with the FaroArm in mind; we have custom-built the service we offer to the public around the capabilities we have gained. Because of how new we are, we haven’t so much replaced a process with the FaroArm as hit the ground running offering services not possible without the FaroArm.” - Bradley Smith, Jackson Jonson Enterprise’s General Manager

Jackson Jonson Enterprise is a design and fabrication company offering product design, development and manufacturing services, specializing in reverse engineering, design, CAD and prototyping services. Jackson Jonson works with their clients to take any idea from the “cocktail napkin” stage to ready-for-market products. 

After acquiring Air Force One Performance Industries, an automotive accessory manufacturing company, Jackson Jonson wanted a CMM solution that would ensure product quality was up to par with their new acquisition, as well as provide them with a flexible, easy-to-use solution.

By integrating the FARO® FaroArm® into their toolkit, Jackson Jonson has been able to innovate and meet their customers’ 3D measurement requirements whenever and wherever they need them. 

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