How to perform detailed measurement on large parts & assemblies

February 13, 2020

Capturing accurate and detailed 3D measurement data on extremely large parts and assemblies is often a huge challenge.

  • Conventional Laser Trackers, even with 6DoF, cannot see around large corners.
  • Portable Measurement Arms cannot reach far enough to cover the entire scan area.
  • Handheld scanners have the disadvantage of losing accuracy when scanning large objects and are labor-intensive with the required used of dot stickers.

That's where the FARO® Super 6DoF TrackArm comes in! The TrackArm solution addresses this challenge by combining a FARO ScanArm and Laser Tracker into an integrated solution. The Tracker registers each Arm location into one coordinate system. Multiple ScanArms can even be used to collect data simultaneously.

With the Super 6DoF TrackArm solution, users can scan or probe without experiencing line-of-sight issues. The resulting, detailed 3D measurement data can be used for CAD-to-part quality inspections, reverse engineering and design optimization.

In this video, we are capturing 3D data on a high-performance, 32-foot racing catamaran for the purpose of verifying conformance to CAD and optimizing for future designs. The concepts shown are applicable to the digitization of other large objects including aircraft, shipbuilding, automotive and heavy equipment.

The Super 6DoF TrackArm is a truly versatile solution and is available exclusively from FARO. The Arm and Tracker can be used separately, as needed, for standalone applications as well.

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